mirusdefactus (mirusdefacto) wrote in weekly_photos,

Ok, after much deliberation I have chosen. I must say it was a very close one. I was torn between two of them but in the end only one may win. I liked everyones submissions but the one that screamed out angry at me was this one

The dog looks, intensely angry. I love it.

Runner up: Tallcdog!!! Had beagle not had the rabies dog, you would've won, and I love the painting.

Note: I made a mistake in photobucket and deleted the two older winner photos so if u see broken links don't be alarmed.
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well if i had seen that picture before i saw the award ceremony, i'd agree. so now i have to do so after the results. rat's off to ya beag!
oh yeah that was totally a complament. le ment. whatever. i was quoting "tom goes to the mayor", a new show on adult swim. not so great, but that's one of the few things i remember. btw, im about to post a new contest so get ready
haha ok, yeah i haven't seen that show. yea for the new contest!